The Queyras by the crests without any waste

August 1, 2022
"The Queyras by the crests without any waste" cover

In end of july, I had a week free and no one to come climb with me. I was looking around for nice trails in the mountains and, by chance, I found a gpx trace showing a way to make the tour of Queyras by the crests: 144km and 12218 meters of elevation gain. The perfect opportunity to test a more autonomous and eco-friendly way to hike.

The trace of the trail

The trace and its elevation profile

The birth of the project

I've been doing long treks in solo for a while now. And it may sound super cliché but I've always enjoyed getting lost in the mountains with nothing else than my bag, my tent and my food. There is really something liberating about having to worry about nothing else than walking and enjoying the view.

But in my last treks there was always one more thing which worried me every day: finding something to eat. Usually what I was doing was to take enough food for 3 nights and some snacks for two days. And I must admit, I had a tendency to only buy instant noodles and cereal bars. Lyophilized food is just so expensive..

So when I bought a new tent a gained 2.1kg in my bag, I thought that it may be time to try and carry enough food for multiple days. And here were the rules I gave to myself:

  • Everything must be homemade: no lyophilized stuff or instant noodles;
  • No waste nor wrapping: I hate finding wrappings and peels on the trails, people surely don't do it on purpose, but an open pocket let things slip so easily;
  • No money: I must follow the diet I made and really try things out in conditions to see if it's sustainable.

More to come soon...

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