Zero configuration query language

March 22, 2021
"Zero configuration query language" cover

When I started eKee, the idea was pretty simple: permit any kind of application to connect with each other and automate their data exchange. But, for privacy reasons, I wanted to develop a technology able to not store the data: just permits the exchanges.

Of course, we had to make compromises along the way. But, with a query language able to run without configuration, you'll see that we come pretty close. In this article I'll talk more about:

  • how this query language was designed,
  • how we managed to make it handle different kind of databases (Both SQL & NoSQL),
  • what are the main constraints when wanting to get rid of the need of a configuration.

In order to make it fit into a digeastable content, the implementation tricks and pitfalls will be focused on the support of SQL databases. This use case is the most tricky and interesting.

More to come soon...

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